Opinion Solutions taps into the accessibility offered by mobile technology and social media...

..to offer unlimited, real time, in the moment consumer engagement and research that leads to social insights and ultimately change

Our Clients


Opinion Solutions are mobile-technology research experts who use their local know how to help companies engage with their clients, audiences or customers.

By offering direct access to your audience, our platform helps your brand to take a proactive stance when tweaking campaigns, services or developing products. We turn your brand’s challenges into compelling questions and surveys that are easy and quick to complete and target the right audiences at exactly the right times to facilitate the flow of conversation.


in your hands!

Create your own mobile phone research panel or use Opinion Solution’s existing public panels for instant, ad hoc surveys. 

Public Panels

Opinion Solutions has a public panel comprising thousands of South Africans. We offer packaged options that allow access to the panel for ad hoc qualitative exploratory research.  The choice is yours.

Branded Private Panels

We create unique customer panels specific to your target market and offer an ongoing research commitment to deliver detailed consumer profiles that can assist with product development; concept testing; awareness studies and advertising studies to name a few. We also provide unlimited surveys and engagements. Customised research campaigns and advice are offered.

Healthcare Research Panels

Opinion Solutions specialises in panels and research services specifically designed for social development programmes in South Africa and across the continent. We offer direct access to commuters in high-density nodes such as taxi ranks, train stations, bus depots, townships and peri-urban areas.

We create customised mobile surveys for  instant feedback, and also offer online and offline face to face interventions. Surveys and engagements are tracked and can be linked to further services and treatments.

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