Digital Research Engagement

Through our digital, social media and in-field resources we can tailor the right research package for a brand’s specific needs.

Mobile Phone App

Mobile Phone Application

  • Free App download
  • Real-time engagement and conversational research tool
  • Data is collected via mobile phone devices in-the-moment
  • Create private research groups
  • Participants are invited to join

Social Media Platforms

Facebook Messenger Integration

  • Quick access to consumers on all social media platforms
  • Convert followers into private research panels
  • Engagement is secure and private and not in a public forum
  • Conversational surveys through direct messenger format

Face to face Interventions

In field research electronic data collection

  • Real time data on mobile or web
  • Multiple entry sources include mobile devices such as tablets, notebooks, mobile phones or similar
  • Fully fledged research question and answer options
  • Ability to scan and take images of the content