We can help your company tailor a bespoke research solution that speaks directly to your brand’s current challenges.

Mobile Community Recruitment

Opinion Solutions also profiles and recruits bespoke consumer research panels. Our team will guide you on effective call-to-action messaging and creative execution. This community platform is branded to match your company or product.

Research Survey Design

We create the right questions to encourage authentic answers that offer valuable insights. Our research professionals will assist in turning your challenges into compelling questions and designing surveys that are easy, quick and fun to complete.

Survey deployment monitoring and reporting

Once the survey has been sent out we monitor the engagement hourly and release a dashboard of results daily.

Community management

We encourage continuous engagement by acting in the best interest of your mobile research community. Our complete service solution includes online representation, community discussions and feedback, real-time support, moderation and rule enforcement.


We offer a built-in reward system that includes electronic vouchers, discount coupons, prize draws, airtime and free products. The rewards portfolio can be customised to suit any budget. We manage the rewards process from acquisition to redemption and pay-out.

Project management

Your business has the option to self-manage its mobile research community and Upinion license.

  • Research Project Management
  • Planning and Timelines
  • Questionnaire Design, Layout and Scripting
  • Implementation Fieldwork and Execution
  • Monitoring Results
  • Monthly/Campaign Reporting in PowerPoint
  • Respondent Recruitment
  • Community Management and Communication
  • Customised Rewards Portfolio and Pay-outs